There Are Only Two Essential Rules of Finance

The Value of a Dollar Today



How does CapEx Commercial make purchasing a commercial property easy and affordable?

We make it happen for you by finding debt (getting pre-qualified by a bank or mortgage company) or finding equity (investing other people's money as if it were your own).

We move quickly and focus on making sure my actions are aligned with your interests.

CapEx Commercial brings a full suite of skills to every transaction all the way through the transaction. You're not going to buy a property that's going to sink you. We're not going to let you.




We have a lot of respect for the big dogs, but most are institutional investors and large corporations, and it's inefficient for them to move below a certain square footage. CapEx Commercial is set up exactly for your size and will get full value for your property.

We don't work with just anybody. We work with people who believe in smart money and those trying to get to the next level — whether it's to create ample funding for retirement, expansion of a business, or working without debt.

Trust the market to find the correct buyer, assuming it is priced it correctly. How do you know CapEx Commercial will price it correctly? Because we're not just real estate agents, we're financial experts.

Let's Figure Out Your Golden Opportunity