Always Focused on the Right Real Estate Strategy

Everyone wants to make money when they're sleeping and most people try through the stock and bond markets. You can invest in oil and gas futures, but you can't take your spouse to admire them you can't see them or touch them. That's not the case in commercial real estate. You can go there, touch it, and feel it. But you don't have to. Cap Ex Commercial can help you buy, lease up, manage, and finance your commercial assets so that your money is working for you all the time, not just at night.


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The six questions buyers need to answer. Do you know what they are?

The five variables that determine whether it's the right time to sell. Are you dealing with any of these?

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Property Management

Everyone thinks they can manage a commercial property until they start doing it. Then they suffer through the daily grind. The irony is you can make more money with a third-party manager than by managing a property yourself. 

Tenants miss opportunities when they don't know how to negotiate a property that has multiple offers. They almost always wait too late to move. If you're behind the curve, you need someone who can speak to your interests.

Asset Management

Having tools in place for reporting your profit and loss statement is an important step ... but only if you're collecting the right information for the balance sheets.

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The banks just love to give away money. Really, it's what they do. So it's important that when you're preparing to find financing that you have a proposal that meets institutional standards. Then the banks will ask how much you want to take.