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Smart money means knowing when to let go of a property that has completed its service life. Even if you have an attachment to a property, real estate is meant to be a resource to get you to your next goal — whether it's to achieve personal financial reasons, get ahead of general economic conditions, position yourself to take the opportunity to buy other things, smoothly manage changes in partnerships, or realistically, unload assets when someone in ownership dies.

When it's time to sell, trust Cap Ex Commercial to price a property so that it will find the buyer that's meant to take over the asset and give it its next life.

"Success" is a Very Personal Word

Moving on can be difficult when you try to take your asset to one of the giant commercial real estate firms that dot the D.C.-Maryland-Virginia landscape. When you approach those big dogs with a building under 200,000 square feet, you're like dust on a fly on an elephant's back.

Cap Ex Commercial would never treat you like that, and we don't need to. We've got all the same tools without all the overhead, and we don't pitch you and then hand you off to a junior broker in training. That makes us selective and ensures that we are successful on every transaction.

Cap Ex Commercial has another advantage: We know more commercial real estate than finance guys, and we know more about finance than commercial real estate guys. And it's a wide gap there. We're the only ones swimming in this pool.

We are a real estate brokerage and can put your building into evidence on commercial real estate sites. We are also a property management firm so we can tell you which investments in a building will maximize value relative to the cost of making it attractive to buyers. That translates into maximum outcomes.

And since we're financial experts, we know how to gather the information from sellers upfront to minimize the disturbance while potential purchasers look at your property.

And since we know numbers, we can value buildings correctly and proactively make your property look its best before investors get to take a look.

It's a deep dig, but it's worth it — because our success is driven not by the demands of banks or the fears of stockholders, but by the personal satisfaction and financial security we help our clients achieve.

Fewer Worries, More Money

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