Buyers and Investors

Money Says, "If You Bring Me a Deal, I'll Invest."

We move quickly and focus on aligning our actions with your interests.

Full Complement of Investment Services

Everybody wants to make money when they're sleeping, they just don't know how. We're here to tell you, there are two ways: the stock market and commercial real estate.

Why do we prefer making money from real estate? Because you can invest in oil and gas futures, but you can't see them or touch them. You can't take your spouse to look at them. In commercial real estate, you can. But you don't have to.

Cap Ex Commercial can help you buy, lease up, manage, and finance your commercial assets so that your money is working for you even in your sleep.

We bring a full suite of skills to every transaction all the way through to its completion. Cap Ex Commercial also moves quickly and focuses on making sure our actions are aligned with your interests.

That means working on deals that match your standards and overcoming challenges that often cause problems, whether it be outlining long-term goals, defining property types that enable you to start building your wealth, securing the financial terms of the loan, having an attorney write the best contract, and acquiring and overseeing contractors and vendors who help you turn the property around to maximize the value.

Those are just some of the options. Cap Ex Commercial can help you with property management, asset management, and the financials to ensure that this is a benefit for just the right amount of time.

How to Avoid Common Pitfalls

Buyers experience many pitfalls during the purchase of a commercial property. CapEx Commercial can help you overcome the most common. What are they and how do we help?

Lack of Focus

Imagine owning 10 or 15 properties. Now, what if you could do that in 8-10 years? I help you narrow down specific goals and expectations so you can find the right property and start to move forward on deals that will help you progressively build wealth.

Lack of Exclusivity

They don't see properties because nobody's looking for them on your behalf. If you're willing to hire me to represent you, I can manage all aspects of a deal, including financing and underwriting.

Lack of Resources

I have access to a full suite of contractors and vendors who help you turn your property around so you get maximum value from the acquisition.

Lack of Confidence

You don't aggressively go after properties that are available or you're not willing to pull the trigger because you don't feel that you have someone by your side whom you are comfortable enough to walk through the process. I have done this for decades and I have no interest in claiming a stake in your purchase.

Investment Property Types

Looking for office, industrial, retail, flex, medical, or 
condominium building space? Some questions to help you decide.