Asset Management

Invest in a Commercial Real Estate Asset With Confidence

Asset managers act on behalf of the property owner while protecting and growing the long term value of property.

How Does an Asset Manager Add Value to the Property?

Properties that Benefit From the Use of Asset Managers

— Oversee and assist in the capital stack for the investment.

— Provide due diligence for the purchase and disposition of property.

— Work with the leasing team to achieve or beat  pro forma goals.

— Oversee property management to drive value at the properties.

— Integrate with property accounting for annual and capital budgets and reporting.

— Determine the optimal time and institutions for debt/equity to maximize IRR.

— Keep a long-term view while ensuring prompt decisions are made.


— Office portfolios

— "Net Net Net" properties

— Retail portfolios

— Out-of-state owners

— Multi-family owners

— Industrial or flex owners

— Owners who own other businesses



How do you know if You Need asset management?