About CapEx Commercial

Owner and Founder

Howard Sobkov

Howard Sobkov is a graduate of Johns Hopkins University, Tufts University, and Gilman School in Baltimore.  A number of world class institutions, lenders, and investors depend on Howard’s refined Asset & Property Management expertise, specifically, his track record for maximized returns and minimized risk.


Organizations: Gilman School, CREW-Baltimore, Charles Street Development Corporation, Historic Charles Street Association, BNI
Howard Sobkov smiling

Why I love commercial real estate:

Helping people realize their dreams as tenants

I love everything about money and the hunt for the deal

I love the specificity of every deal and the challenge it brings

I love teaching and educating about real estate so you can be more successful in future ventures

I love that people need a place to work and people need a place to live and I like helping people find or supply those places.

I love real estate because it's tangible and I like the tax treatment of it, especially now that the law has changed. Pass-through entities are getting treated well.

What I would be doing if I weren't doing this:

Drinking wine

Teaching about wine